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Control Your Calendar, Control Your Business

Aren't you tired of waking up wondering what to do today? Let's fix that! Plus, when you move from "what should I be doing" to "how do I do this the best way possible?" it engages a completely different section of your brain.
Cool, right? 

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All of our self guided trainings are carefully designed to give you actionable takeaways, foundational tools, and proven systems for you to implement in your business right now. Together, we can grow your real estate business the right way!

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One Year to A Real Estate Business that Pays the Bills! 

Grow your business while you run your business - an immersive learning experience that you can apply to your regular work day!

This comprehensive real estate education takes you through a 52 week cycle of compounding training sessions, with each session designed to be applied in real time. Case studies, worksheets, and proven systems are included to maximize your learning and expedite the application of he knowledge.

Strengthen your real estate business with proven systems, guidelines, and frameworks.

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Work Smarter, Instead of Harder!
Success scripts for your business

This comprehensive course teaches you the exact scripts you need to maintain consistent conversions in your business from lead to closing!

Here's some of what we'll cover:

✓ Why conversion rates matter
✓ Confronting Realities
✓ Tracking and Conversion Rates
✓ Getting The Appointment 
✓ Winning the appointment
✓ Servicing buyers
✓ Servicing sellers
✓ Contract to closing
 Bonus FSBO strategy for people afraid of FSBOs!


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From Admin to Ops Director in 90 days!

Each week an integral part of the job is outlined.

✔ Time management
✔ How to properly maintain the customer database
✔ The ENTIRE real estate process - listings, buyers, contract, ALL the paperwork, and how to schedule and manage team meetings
✔ Using templates to make work easier and consistent
✔ The step-by-step of contract to closing
✔ How make yourself irreplaceable: generate leads, host appreciation events, be a master at follow up!
✔ What should you track?
✔ Specialized communications systems
✔ Managing the office with systems
✔ Time and accountability: calendars, 1-3-5 and 4-1-1

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Systematize Your Business!
(You can start TODAY!)

When most people think about "working smarter rather than harder" they think about hiring someone to help. Honestly, I'd rather you start by putting some systems into place.

If you're running around like a crazy person and finding yourself missing key details, deadlines and "spilling" leads. This class is for YOU.

Each week we'll tackle one type of system, help you see and brainstorm best practices, then give you time to go home and implement.

Do your business (and family!) a favor and sign up for this class!

Communications, Office Information, Inventory Tracking, Time Management, & Accountability 

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